Cultivate financial freedom via intentional wealth building!

  • gathering financial rocks at random and trying to build your perfect financial castle
  • looking for more budgeting hacks, tax tips, or investing tactics
  • spending hours and hours updating softwares and spreadsheets
  • handing it all off to someone else to do it for you
  • burying your head in the sand and praying things will work out
  • paying too much to talk with a financial professional

It's Time to ...

  • building your financial confidence
  • crafting a money routine
  • discovering what's really working 
  • takingcontrol of your wealth destiny
  • making sure everyone has access to legit financial professionals

Hi! We're Amanda and Brandon.

In 2013, we were where you are right now. We were spinning our wheels as high achievers and weren't getting much traction.

We had set out to find freedom by starting a business, but instead had created a glorified J.O.B. We were making less than we had before and not getting the independence that we thought we'd have.

Over time, things started to shift. We discovered that the way forward isn't another course or program. In fact, we had done all those things and they still weren't enough to make us profitable in all the ways we wanted to be.

Can you relate to that?

What we actually needed was something we’ve come to call "wealth wisdom." 

When we finally took the time to step back to find the right questions, we realized we could find a remarkably fulfilling path forward.

In this community you will learn just that.

Transform your smartphone scrolling from time-wasting to wealth-building!

  • 10-minutes or less micro-content - Gain knowledge and inspiration for your journey in easy-to-follow articles, videos, and sound-bites!
  • Community - Post comments, ask questions, and get to know other wealth builders like you!
  • Private, ad-free, no-distraction environment - No more YouTube or Facebook rabbit holes. Stay focused on content that will actually help you reach your goals.
  • Created by Amanda Neely, CFP® - Amanda believes financial planning should be more accessible and collaborative!

We have a No-Questions-Asked, 14-Day Guarantee!

If at any time Wealth Wisdom Financial Community doesn't show you exactly how to have financial confidence ... 

If it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to build wealth ... 

Or if it fails to help you gain control of your money ...

Then you will receive a full refund of any payments made in the last 14 days! 

Oh, and in case we haven't met before...

This community is lead by the folks at Wealth Wisdom Financial.  We're Certified Profit First Professionals and Bank On Yourself Professionals.  

Even more important, we wrote our first business plan in 2008, sold that business, and are now helping hundreds of Americans breakthrough to smart, stable financial futures!  

We're always happy to chat. Schedule a call online here.